25 December, 2012

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Multitasking In Windows 8 Modern Metro Apps

Modern Metro applications in the Windows 8 always run in full screen mode and there is no any easy way to resize the applications and arrange them in the way you want. If you expect to arrange every window of any software / application like traditional Windows versions, you can not, but there is still a built in way to use and view multiple modern full screen applications at a time.

When you open multiple metro / modern applications in windows, you can easily switch from one application to another with the help of an app switching bar on the far left side. Just move your cursor to left and it will pop up. Alternatively you can use a traditional Alt+Tab key combination, if you are in a modern window mode.

  • To close any modern application you just take your mouse cursor to top, the mouse pointer will convert into a hand icon, now just press and hold the mouse button and then drag the application to the bottom of the screen and it will be closed. 
  • It is the easiest and superb way to close any modern application. You can alternately RIGHT click at top left corner of the screen and get the close command.

But the main point is, how to arrange multiple modern apps side by side? Here is a way.

When you have multiple metro applications opened, just like you close the application, - hold at top and drag it to the bottom of the screen- instead of dropping it to the bottom, just drop it at the left or right side of the screen and Windows will make the application in a vertical window.
  • Now select any other application from app switching bar to take the place of your second application. You can use a desktop in combination with modern app or two modern apps.
  • The two applications will be altered in size, You can change the large sized application into the small / vertical app and opposite. Just drag the vertical resizing line.

This is what is built into Windows itself but if you want more customization, you have to use other tools.

Windows Toolbox
Windows Toolbox is a modern metro tool for Windows 8 that will allow you to use and view  a maximum of 6 full screen application at a time and that also in various size combinations.
  • Toolbox have various predefined size sets, you can choose anyone of them and the applications will be arranged accordingly. 
  • Right click on the empty area to get the more options.
  • The application arrangements have the option to select from various combinations of vertical and horizontal windows and 2 to 6 applications at a time.information-display-screen
  • The application tool set include web browser, calculator, unit converter, Facebook, voice note, notifier, clock, weather application and doodle drawing
  • The toolbox can convert your desktop screen into a multi information display. 
  • You can download Toolbox For Windows 8 here. ( Open the link in Internet Explorer and click install ) or you can open the Winodws Market and directly type 'Toolbox' to search and install.
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