12 December, 2012

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Customized Google Takeout Options Allow To Download Specific Folders

Today Google Takeout has updated with more options to download your data in the easiest way. You can now download any specific file or folder or a specific Picassa web album instead of downloading the entire data of any particular Google service.

Till now, if we have to download few photos from Picassa, we have to download entire collection of the Picassa service, or if you want to download a few documents, you have to download entire Google Docs. But now that is not a problem anymore.

Google Takeout has come up with a more customized downloading option. Now you can download any particular file from Google Docs or a particular album from Picassa or even any specific video from YouTube.
  •  You just have to select 'Configure' option after selecting any service to take out your personal data.
  • It will give you a related option to select specific file or folder or video.  Select the desired location to download and hit the 'Create Archive' button. 

You can select any number of services at one time to download / takeout the customized folders. So what are yo waiting for.

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