06 October, 2012

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Search Across Multiple Clouds, Emails, Online Docs, Social Networks & More In One Place

You might have started using Google docs or Microsoft Office 360 that help you to create office documents online. If not at-least you must have saved files across many cloud storage services like Dropbox, box, SkyDrive or Google Drive. If this is not the case, you already have saved and shared photos, music and other such media across many social networking sites. As you are reading this means you are using multiple email accounts like Gmail, Outlook mail or Yahoo mail or any other email service and have many emails that have attachments.

Why I am telling you all this. Just imagine you want a word document you created few days back for a specific reason and you have forgotten where you actually saved it. In the Google docs or cloud storage or as an attachment to email or just shared it on social networks like Facebook. If you really find it out, you have to visit every particular website and check for the document. You can search the document inside particular cloud or in the email account but still think you have to visit every website.
What if you can search all those cloud services, email accounts and attachments, social networks, online office suites, online note taking applications, reading lists and everything that is over the internet at ONE place?
That's really quite useful. As more and more online services get your daily life from good old hard disk to online cloud storage, this is really useful.

Cloud Magic will just do that. It searches about everything you connected with it at one central place and let you relax. No need to visit and log-in every website or scroll through lists. Once you connect your various online services, you are ready to search anything with Cloud Magic.

CloudMagic supports most of the accounts that you use in your daily life. The list includes services like Gmail and Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, Calendar and Contacts, Google Chat,  cloud, AOL, Mail.com, GMX etc. Many other services are in the pipeline.
If you have multiple email accounts with Gmail or Outlook or any other email service, you can add any number of email accounts.
If you fear to give credentials of all your online life you new service, you can easily unlink the application from main account and the most important thing is you don't have to share any of your passwords with Cloud Magic.
You can search anything, a word in a document, an image, song, video, software or anything else. You just have to wait until Cloud Magic completes its indexing.
  • It also supports instant search or a 'Search As You Type' feature.

  • But before you start using Cloud Magic, you have to create an account. Click on create new account button and enter your email address and password and your new account is created. 
  • Once a new account is created, connect all your account you want to search and index those like your email addresses, clouds, socials, documents and other.
  • You can add all accounts you want to get indexed. You can even add multiple accounts on same domain like multiple GMail accounts or Facebook pages, and Facebook profile, multiple Twitter accounts and more.
  • Manage function will allow you to add or remove any connected account without going to the particular website. You can easily disable the connection or you can completely remove it. If there is any linking problem you can easily reauthorize it.

  • You can surely give Cloud Magic a try. I am sure, if you have a huge amount of data saved across many clouds and other services, you are going to like it for sure. Still then if you do not like it, you can easily and completely delete your account and all connections.
  • Cloud Magic is available as an extension to all popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and . If you are on the mobile device Cloud Magic application is also available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Once installed as an extension to the web browser, it resides in a bookmark bar of your browser and whenever you want to search anything, just click on the button and type the query.
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