09 October, 2012

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Disaster : Pure HTML 5 & JavaScript Based Free Game

You might have heard that Firefox is on its way to develop a brand new operating system Firefox OS that's completely based on HTML 5 and JavaScript. When I was browsing about how the whole operating system can be developed using only HTML 5 and pure JavaScript that can change the way how we use applications and how it will open the completely new world of the Open Web, I came across an addictive game that is built using the two technologies and can be played in any browser and that does not require any add-on like Flash and there is no any problem with the platform and the device you are using. Just a good browser with any device is fine. You can play the game 'Biolab Disaster' with any device, a PC with Windows, Linux,  Mac or a mobile with Android or iOS..


Just head over to http://playbiolab.com and start playing.
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