25 October, 2012

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Find History Of User Activity With LastActivityView

Do you know, what you did last week? Or yesterday or a month ago? LastActivityView do know everything, at least about what you did on your computer. LastActivityView a one more great tool of NirSoft. You can use it as a user activity monitoring software for Windows.
LastActivityView collects information from system and give you complete details about everything you have done on your computer. You can use this tool to find out what everyone else have done, which programs are executed, which files are opened. It also gives you information about which files are created newly, which dialog boxed opened, which files and folders opened, system start-up and shutdown timings and everything else you want to know about your computer activity.
All and all, LastActivityView will give you complete click-by-click history of every user activity in Windows.


  • You can export the complete data into an HTML file or you can select a particular activity to export.
  • You can sort the activity log by action name, file path, description and file name also.
  • Search option will help you to find out particular activities within the huge list.
  • The period which LastActivityView can search and show you the activity result is awesome.When I tried this software, the last activity was on July 2009, meaning around 3 years back.
Try this, its superb and micro ( just 600 KB) tool.

Download LastActivityView
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