27 September, 2012

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Share DropBox Files To Facebook Groups Directly

Facebook groups can share documents and images that you upload to Facebook group from your computer but there was no any way to share any web based files like videos, images, music, documents or any other type of files to the Facebook group. As the rival Google Plus has tightly integrated with Google Drive making damn easy to share files stored on a Google Drive with Google plus, there was a great need of similar functionality to share large files to Facebook users which was saved in the cloud.

To add similar functionality, Facebook has integrated Dropbox account support into the Facebook groups. You can now easily share any file saved on your Dropbox account to your Facebook group. The integration is easy and you don't have to do anything extra. 
  • To upload any file from Dropbox to your Facebook group, you have to click on the new post and select 'Add File'. 
  • Along with the regular 'Select file from your computer' option you will find an extra option 'Choose a file from your Dropbox Account'. 
  • Select the Dropbox option. If you are signed in to Dropbox, you will be presented with the Dropbox files and folders. Select the appropriate file you want to share and you are done. 
  • The important feature here is that, when you update the share file from Dropbox, the updates will be automatically shared in Facebook groups
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