08 September, 2012

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Read PDF Inside Firefox With Built In PDF Viewer

Most of the Firefox users have a default PDF reader like Acrobat or FoxIt installed on their Windows computer and have enabled the same PDF reader as add-on for Firefox to view the PDF available online while browsing. 

Though this works fine and you may not ever required anything extra, here is a way to enable PDF viewer that comes with Firefox built-in. There is no any need to install any third party plugin for Firefox to view the PDF. Firefox version 15 + comes with built-in "pdfjs
But even if you are not using latest Firefox version, here is also a way.

Many users also download PDF and view with the PDF reader installed instead of viewing the file inside the browser but now you don't need to switch to the installed reader. 

For Firefox Version 15+

If you are using 15 + versions of Firefox, you just have to tweak some user settings.
  •   Type about:config in address bar of Firefox.
firefox about:config
  •   Click on "I will be careful, I Promise" button. 
 browser preferences incontent

  • Enter the text "browser.preferences" in the search box without quotes.
  • Either double click the option "browser.preferences.inContent" to make it bold. If the name is already bold, do not do anything. You can also right click on the name and click toggle to enable the preference.
  • Now again click on the address bar and enter, accept the promise and now search for "pdfjs.disabled"

  • To enable PDF viewer Java script, either double click or toggle the preference by right clicking and selecting toggle.
Once this option is enabled, close the tab and try opening a locally stored pdf file or click on a pdf link online. You can now view PDF inside the Firefox browser without any add-on or PDF extension plug-in.

For Older Versions of Firefox 14 or less
  • Download and install PDF Viewer add-on by Mozilla for Firefox.
download pdf viewer

Now you can view PDF inside browser without and extra add-on. The reader have most of the options required for good experience. 

view pdf inside firefox browser

The built in PDF viewer have tab view, automatic zoom, full screen view for better reading, download button and direct jump to any page.

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