30 August, 2012

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Fresh Paint Is New Paint Application For Windows 8

Silently Microsoft is releasing great applications optimized for Windows 8. Everyone who has used Windows computer have used the good old MS Paint a.k.a Paint Brush. Its good and basic application to learn the mouse, but with more and more focus on Windows 8 and Metro interface targeted at touch enabled devices, the Paint application also has to change one day. This is the first complete makeover to the traditional paint application. 

The colors and brush have moved at top left corner. Now you can easily select new color and the brush stroke as you want.

The new Fresh Paint application gives smooth and  a real experience of painting. The colors and user interface gives you a feeling of the real paper painting. 

Fresh paint is a complete justification to your creativity and you will really love it if you are using it on touch screen based device over Windows 8.
The Fresh paint is targeted towards simplicity and less load on the system so the basic functions are given with a very useful ability so that though these are the basic functions, you don't need anything else.

It will help your kids be creative and explore their imagination. Fresh paint gives a real experience of painting and creativity without the mess and costly supplies. You don't have to learn anything from scratch as you know everything. 

Note: You can not download Fresh Paint unless you are using Windows 8. This application is only available through Windows market.

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