14 July, 2012

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Transfer All Data From One Cloud Service to Other For Free

Everyday a completely new cloud service or an extra special functionality is added to existing cloud service. Last month Google launched free 5 GB Google Drive, Microsoft also launches a desktop client for its popular SkyDrive service, Dropbox also has now increased free storage space for its pro clients.
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Users tempt to switch from one cloud service to other mostly because of the special functionality particular cloud storage service providers, like the integration of every Google service with Google cloud. When Google Drive was launched, most the internet users who already have an account with Google wanted to shift from Dropbox to Google Drive because of more storage space.
Whatever the reason, it's not that easy to completely download all your cloud data and then again uploading it to a new cloud service. Its repetitive and time consuming task. The easy way is to transfer the data from one cloud storage to another cloud storage service without downloading it locally. We have already discussed how to transfer and manage all cloud services at one place and transfer them across different clouds using Otixo, but it was not completely dedicated to transfer data from one to another cloud but to manage the files in one place.

MyBackupBox come to help that is specifically designed to transfer all user data including images, files, videos, softwares and everything else from one cloud to another. The services included are Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, SugarSync, box, Amazon, My SQL and more.

MyBackupBox is totally free for personal use with 1 GB data per transfer and 10 total transfers per month making it a 10GB total capacity per month which is more than sufficient for personal users because all the cloud service providers have a maximum 5GB free space (SkyDrive have 7-25 GB). 

  • Visit MyBackupBox and open a free account. Give your email address and confirm the email with confirmation email. 
select cloud to transfer data from
Select cloud to transfer data from
  • Select the cloud service you want to transfer data from. MyBockupBox will transfer you to the authorization page. You have to provide credentials to get access to the data.
  • Now select the cloud to which you want to get your data transferred
  • Select the folder you want to transfer from the primary cloud and hit transfer. You can also schedule the transfer at any later time.
schedule data transfer
Schedule data transfer
The transfer scheduling feature can also be used to make timely backup of one cloud to any other. This is a great way to take backup of a backup. You can schedule the transfer as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. 
Backupbox is really a great service and you should try it as it's completely free.

Drawback : While testing the MyBackupBox we found a minor problem that could be a vulnerable to security if ignored. When you grant credentials access to any cloud service and then if you delete the service form MyBackupBox, it does not completely remove the credentials. You have to delete the MyBackupBox from that particular cloud service and remove the MyBackupBox. The credentials are not removed from within it. 

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