20 June, 2012

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Download Button Added To Google Webmaster To Download All Your Stats

If you are using Google Webmaster tool to analyze your website or blog search engine optimization statistics, here is a good news for you. Gone are the days of clicking deep links to find out the details about your keywords, search query statistics, incoming traffic links, plus one reports, crawl errors and other statistics.

Google Webmaster Tools have added a new Download button to Google Webmaster Tools. You can download the webmaster data in CSV and Google Docs format. If you choose to download data in CSV format, the new CSV data file will be downloaded to your local hard disk but if you choose 'Google Docs' format, the document will be saved to Google Docs and will open in a new tab of browser.

The download button is available for URL parameters in the configuration, crawl errors in health, search queries, internal links, +1 activity reports in traffic and sitemap, HTML improvements, content keywords in optimization option. For other functions data there is no any such download button. 

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