01 May, 2012

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Share Anything From Web To Mobile Via Free SMS

Internet is flooded with free services to send SMS from web your mobile phone and also the "Share" is a new way of being social. Everyone is sharing everything and every publisher want their content get shared as much as possible. 
But the problem with the SMS service website is that, it has no any content to share intentionally and the content publishers do not have a personalized and individually targeted service like SMS which will share web content directly to the Inbox of your mobiles. 
share web to sms
Share web to sms
A new service called "TextMe" allows users to share text, images or links on the web via SMS either through a browser extension / add-on for internet users and a sharing button for the content publishers, bloggers and website owners similar to those for sharing on Facebook, Twitter with the help of 'ShareThis' and 'AddThis' services. 
'TextMe' will allow users to send the link to any mobile number for free.

User Registration and Mobile Number Validation 

Users have to register for the service which is free. The registration process is simple just like any other SMS service. You have to use your mobile number as user ID and a password. Mobile number is validated via a one time password. Once the user registers a mobile number, everything is ready.
TextMe sign up
Sign up
Install Browser Extension  

If you are using any of the popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari you can download a browser extension or add-on from here.
textme browser extension
TextMe browser extension
 Install the extension and you can share any link or text from any website and send it to any mobile number. You can either send the link or text to your own mobile number or can share with your friends mobile number making it very useful for content publishers and bloggers.

If you install the browser extension, links can be share either with a toolbar button or directly with context menu. Just right-click on any link anchor text and a context menu will have a 'TextMe' option.

Share Button For Blog or Website

If you have a blog or website, you can install a share widget along with other share buttons like Facebook and Twitter. A 'TextMe' button is a Java script button and make the visitors to share the content to their own mobile or with their friends. Publishers also get the share analytic from TextMe.
TextMe share button
TextMe share button
Share A SMS 
send sms
send sms
Either way, browser extension or website share widget buttons, clicking on the 'TextMe' will ask for mobile number to which user want to share the link. User can also personalize the message to send. The page link is already included in the message. 


Its really amazing and innovative service. The Smartphones running Android already have an app like 'Send It To Mobile' but it has their own limitations. But the TextMe will make sharing easy on all types of Smartphones as well as feature phones. It also do not have any limitation on type of site, content or text.
Problem Faced: When we installed the Share button on TopTrix, the page loading time increased noticeably.

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  1. Hi, great article! I love the fact that you've covered it in-depth.

    Regarding your concern on page load time, it shouldn't have happened. Try adding the javascript file towards the bottom of the page and it should pretty much load asynchronously (non-blocking). There's no reason why it should slow down any other part of the website. There are some really high traffic sites using this service but haven't faced such a problem.

    Could you confirm this again?

  2. Also, if you still face it or would like some clarification, please feel free to connect with me directly on dayson@epicwhale.org and I'd be happy to help.

  3. @Dayson Pais
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    Thanks for the reply. Now its working fine.

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