08 March, 2012

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Super Simple Web Client To Manage Multiple Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN Accounts

No, it's not just another web-based client for all your social networking needs. It's great because it's too simple to use.

Every day, hundreds of applications and desktop or web-based social clients are launched around the popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But a large amount of market share is grabbed by very few clients like Seesmic, TweetDeck, and Echofon. Most of the newly launched clients die unnoticed. But when we come across the latest start-up "GrabInbox" in this crowded space, we can't resist to try it, only because of the simplicity in its interface and an experience of native websites like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

add multiple social accounts
What "GrabInbox" do is add super cool features to the web interface of all of the social networking websites. You can manage an unlimited number of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and manages them in one place.

The interface is super simple still highly customizable and anyone can do a great job on the first log in.

You can log-in with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account and then add multiple twitter accounts to the client. Same is the case with a Facebook profile, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn profiles.

manage notifications
When you add a new Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account, you will be asked to set up what notifications you want to get in the notification area, where all the notifications are shown. You can easily change the settings at any time directly from the tabs of updates.

Tabbed Interface
Twitter update window has tabbed look and has tabs like a timeline, mentions, messages, your own tweets, retweets by you and peoples you follow, your tweets re-tweeted and tweets you Favorited, lists created, lists follow and searches you saved. This is a wast list and no any extra feature is needed even by a power user. The best thing is that you can easily delete any of this tab and if you change your mind you can again get it back with a single click.

Manage tabs to show
Clicking on the any of the options in the tab area will give the direct option to refresh, stop or start notification, mark as reading and delete that tab. If you want to add any other tab just click on the 'plus' button which will open tabs option.

unlimited scheduling of updates

The excellent feature of scheduling your tweets and Facebook and LinkedIn updates so that will reach maximum peoples has its own advantage. But the story does not end here, "GrabInbox" give intelligent suggestions and also automatically calculate the maximum reach time for all accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Not only the time but you can custom set the days of the week and separate time slot for different days like weekends.

Facebook filter
Same is the case with Facebook and Linked in accounts. Facebook tabs include wall, most recent and top news.

The exclusive feature here is you can filter the updates by links, videos, photos, and status, making it easy to focus on the required updates.

switch account and notifications

Switching Between Accounts
When we were using multiple Twitter profiles, Facebook profile, and pages, LinkedIn profile, it was super fast and no any lag in loading. The interface is simple and you can easily switch between all the accounts. The notification area is also updated smoothly and clicking on notifications loads the new updates only.

Status Update Window

status update window

The status update window gives the option to select the accounts to post the status where you can also schedule the post or directly post without scheduling.

'GrabInbox' also give facility to check the clicks and retweet analytics.

Extra Goodies
If you are using Google Chrome, it provides a plugin that will add an extra feature to the interface making it even faster. You can add a bookmarklet to your bookmark bar to share anything to all the social accounts easily that also at the time of maximum reach to the audience.

Few Downsides
The Facebook interface does not provide any option to send private messages which are really a required feature.

You also cant view the Facebook profile and timeline.

You can not get updates from Facebook Groups. If you are a member of your friend's group, you have to visit the website.

Still then, Sameer & Nischal have managed to make a full feature packed service.

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