12 August, 2012

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Travelers Companion: Apps & Services Must Check Before You Plan

Do you travel often and have your smartphone ( Android or iPhone ) with you?
Or a tech savvy traveler? Then here is a list of smart phone applications and various out of the box services you must check out before you plan your tour. 

Zeighted (iPhone) 

Zeighted is a great application for iPhone helps you to discover amazing information about places that you are visiting or if you are near-by. Like if you are near pizzeria, Zeighted will tell you about, the film  Men In Black 2 or a scene from Sex and the City which was filmed at the place. 

With Zeighted you'll be able to say you've been there and done that, whether you're NYC, Paris or London.If you are at Washington Square park in NYC, it will help you find a place from "I am a Legend" movie across the street.

Weather Info and  Videos Of Specific places Over Google Maps

Google Maps is a basic and must check, and everyone know about it. But you can make it more useful by adding weather information layer over it. 

Google maps will provide you in deep weather forecast about the places you browse on Google Maps. Just select the weather forecasting layer on Google Maps and you will get in depth weather forecast of any place you select on map. More closer the look, more specific the weather information. 

Same way you can also watch the videos recorded at particular place. Select any place on map and Google Maps will provide you with the videos recorded at that particular place.


This gives you a social sense to your tour planning. Most of the peoples on Facebook and Twitter share much about various place from all over the world. You can either log you to GTrot with  your Facebook account to get Friends oriented results or also have generic results. 

The idea with GTrot is, you just enter the place you going to visit and GTrot will give you in-detail information about the locations to visit like hotels, beaches, happening event at particular location while your tour time. You can also filter the result by your taste like art and entertainment, shopping, food, nightlife, outdoor and other. 
Clicking on specific photo, ex a hotel in Mumbai, will give you views, tips and photos shared by any twitter user about that particular hotel. This give the real experience of the location you should visit. Its really a service you must check out before you actual visit the place. 

Much Better Adventures

Planning for adventure trip? Check out this site. The adventure sports and places are categorized in Snow, bike, water, ice, rock, wild places, aerial and more which again filtered like if you select Bike you can further make choice for road, downhill, x-country, touring and more like this in every category. You can also select continent, country and specific location in the country.

Much Better Adventure provide a quick Guide to Accommodation, Guide, Tours and holidays. Agency to contact for inquiry, rates, way to travel and more. Everything to make your trip really adventurous. 

Guide Hop

This is location based guide and market place for activities and events. Just enter your targeted city and GuideHop will give you options for searching your interests and you can easily find the happening events in the location.  

You can filter the result by categories like arts, business, collecting, culture, electronic, food, cooking, games, health, home, garden, internet, music and many other categories.  You can easily manage your budget with help of price bar where you can set your minimum and maximum price limit. You can also find the events by total time span. 


This is a service aimed at reducing your travel expenses with the help of your friends. This suggest you about the lower air fairs, places you can visit with the help of mapping your friends addresses and more.


 iWanado helps you find out about activities and events around you, that match your interests and passions, like if you like to play tennis  use iWanado to find out buddies for your activities. 

You just have to create an event, select the category, set the number of allowed people concerned and the address of the location. All the people looking for the the same activity, will be notified of the event, so that they will be able to join you! Once you have set your interests, you will be notified every-time an event of your interest is posted near you. You can also search for other activities from the search option or on the map.

 Visit iWanado

More you can tryout. OnToour , Travtar .

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