21 February, 2012

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View & Erase History On Android Devices Completely

Smartphone's running Android are becoming a portable computer and so most of the issues we found on computer are now also a part of Android mobiles or tablets. Everyone come across the term ‘History’ when it comes to desktop computer or a browsers. All browsers save your browsing history as well as your operating system also save your every activity in different ways. Windows desktop saves all the computing history also. You can view all the history log saved on windows computer about your desktop activity or your internet browsing activity.

As the Android mobiles and tablets are also having many of the applications, browsers and hardware related logs, Android OS also save every history of your activity and also internet browsing activity. The problem with the Android is that you cant easily view all the history about offline or online activity at one place. And so you cant delete that history. 
‘History Eraser’ is a simple, comprehensive and one One touch solution for everything about history management for Android devices. You can easily view and erase all the history in Best tool to Erase History on Android devices!
Android History Eraser
Android History Eraser
‘History Eraser’ can erase history data of Android OS, delete browser search history, delete web history, delete call log. History Eraser can also clear all apps' cache files, delete SMS, clean your clipboard, and erase market search history. It helps to free up memory space and boost performance of Android device. You can also clear all cached files with just 1 click and get more free memory. Its a great tools to maintain your online and offline security and privacy. 

What History Eraser can delete:
  • Clean Browser History
  • Delete Call Log
  • Clear text messages
  • Clear Market Search History
  • Clear all app cache files
  • Clear Clipboard Data
  • Clear Google Search, Map Search and Gmail Search  History.

So now you can easily view and erase history of your android device and maintain your privacy.

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