11 February, 2012

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Download Personal Data From Google, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger

Life is more online than ever before. We share everything online and forget about it. What if you want to download everything shared, uploaded on the web? Everything is scattered on various places. 
          Most of us use Google, Facebook and Twitter. Google data may be secure but if you have blog at blogger, your blog is not completely safe. Same is the case with Facebook account and the case is somewhat same with Twitter, it is really difficult to find your year old tweet. 

So its better to take all your personal data out of their host and save or take a additional backup of it. The steps are simple and anyone can use it. 


Everyone have a Google account and so use various Google services. You can easily download all the data stored with services like Google Plus, Profile, Circle, Google Docs, Picasa web album, Streams, Contacts, Knol and Google Voice. Google has a dedicated service Google TakeOut to take your data out of Google servers.

  • Just log in to your Google account and head over to Google Takeout
google takeout
  • Click on choose services.
  • You can configure every data format. Like you can set the output format of your Contacts. Choose from formats like CSV, VCF, PDF or HTML.
  • Same is the case with Google Docs. You can specify what type of final files you want to get. You can choose from PDF, MS doc, RTF for documents and other relative formats for other type of documents. 
  • Select the services and click on Download. Your are sorted.
  • All your data will start downloading.  
google takeout added picasa
  • Update: Google has now added the one of most important service "Picasa" to the downloading list.

Half of the online life is shared via Facebook but it is the most vulnerable to attracts and no one can guarantee the safety of your Facebook data. Follow these steps to take out your Facebook data. 
What include in the Facebook data is your own photos and videos you have shared, your chat conversations, posts, messages, friends names and their email addresses. 
  • Click on drop-down arrow at top right corner of Home link and select Account settings.
  • Click on the link Download copy of your data.
  • You will be offered to download the data. Click on the button. Then the Download link will be sent to you via email to your registered email address.
  • You will receive the mail in few minutes, if not wait for it. You can then download all the data.


Its really difficult to find all the tweets. But there is a simple trick to backup all your tweets. Use Google reader for it.
You can use this trick as Twitter has stopped RSS feed of your tweets and timeline.


Just replace the string after = with the profile name you want get the RSS feed. 
In Google reader account Subscribe to this address and your are done. All your tweets are there and it will automatically create backup of all future tweets. 

Blogger Blog:

Google has some worst policy for its services and blogger blog is one of it. Your blog may go Offline forever at any time without even any warning to the owner. Are you shocked? But its true. Read This. So its always better to take backup of your blog. 
  • You can use the built in feature of Blogger blog to backup the blog but it only includes the text and no any other data like media files, images and anything else.
  • You can also use a online service called BlogBackupR. Its very easy and straight forward. Just sign up for free account. Give domain name of your blog and you are ready with the backup.
  • You can also use the Trick used for Twitter backup for your blog. Just subscribe to your own blog in Google Reader. Here you need to have settings for your blog feed to "Full FEED " or else you can use services like FullText RSS to get full feed of any RSS stream. 
  • The dedicated software like Blogger Backup will also a great alternative which give much customization.

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