14 February, 2012

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Create Great Mobile Websites Free

Do you want to create a website specially targeted for mobile users or other portable devices and that also FREE? There are many such services and also most of the web hosting and CMS have already optimized their websites for mobile devices. But when it come to customizing the mobile website layout, you have no choice and you have to depend only on the predefined templates. What if you want a great looking, customizable, super charged mobile website with all social media widgets and other like company info, contact info on the mobile website? Its not possible with the predefined templates. 

So you have only one choice and that is  Morces.
Morces is a free to use for up to 5 mobile websites. Morces give you customizable layout, social widgets on homepage, links for contact, company info, built in traffic analysis tool, RSS feed for you website. Best thing is that you can easily redirect your current website traffic to Morces mobile optimized free website when users visit on the mobile devices.

So why not create one for your website or for your blog? It will just take less that 10 minutes. 
Lets Start:

  •  Once you create a free account you are ready to mobilize your website.
  • Log in to your account and you will be presented with dashboard. As you have not yet created any mobile website, the mobile sites profile is blank and you have to create a new mobile website. 
  • Click on the Mobilize button. Here you have to provide details about your website, the preferred URL for your site, and other information and then click on mobilize.
Mobile website dashboard
Mobile website profile
  • Once created the mobile website profile you are ready to design and create the content of website.
  • Click on Manage button on the dashboard for your website profile and you are redirected to a management page for a mobile website.
  • The management layout is so simple anyone can create a website in just few minutes. 
  • New page under pages option create a page and you can edit existing pages with edit page option. Click on new page and give a appropriate name to page. The page web address will be automatically generated and shown to you. You can customize it if you want. 
  • Enter the content of page in the edit box. You can easily create and edit the page content as the editor is as simple as any office suit. You can embed HTML as well as images and videos.
  • The other bonus feature is SEO. You can make your website search engine friendly. Enter appropriate keywords for the page and title. Can also add short description.
  • The great plus point of Morces which make it special and stand out of the rest is the customization it provides for your website. 
customize mobile website
  • There are ready-made templates available if you don't want to waste time in customizing but I think you must take a look at the Customize link. Here you can change the complete look of website. You can change color of background, footer, body text, widget bar, its text and hyperlink color.
  • One more great option provide by Morces is you can add the widgets for your mobile website just like you have on your regular website. You have to just drag and drop the ready-made widgets for Twitter, Facebook, company info and other.
  • You can add the RSS feed of you current website of blog to the mobile website but this currently only support for WordPress platform, we hope Morces will add support for Blogger also.
  • You will get the traffic info with built in function so no need to sign-up for other service.
Get code
  • Once you are done, your website is ready. But the important part is you have to redirect your visitors when the use mobile devices to this site. For this just click on get code at the top bar and copy pate the code on you website between head tag, your traffic will be automatically redirected. 

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  1. Thank YOU! That's a really cool source, save my day of effort and cost to engage a professional!

  2. @Jerry Roslie , Thanks for the complements. I will try to keep the things Simple and easy.
    You are always welcome.

  3. Morces is seriously a must have tool for every businesses who are looking to go mobile. Their features and pricing is the best that you can find on the web. What I like about them is how they communicate with the customers. Definitely recommending them among all. Other builders you can find on the web are simply just overcharging and ripping off non technical people like me!

    1. You are exactly pointed out the best. Its a best possible combination of easy interface and great features. Everyone who want a customized mobile website and have serious at their business should consider Morces. No one should now ignore the mobile web platform.