04 February, 2012

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View Information Saved In Cookies Of All Browsers

Privacy is a big concern on internet for everyone. We have already discussed about how to maintain your privacy and security. Every where you are tracked. Google use every way to track your online activity. 

       Google has changed the privacy policy track you everywhere irrespective of what Google service you are using. You can opt out of "Search Plus Your World", a newly introduced Google search result setting. You can also view all the history of your all those browsers you are using on your computer at one place.
Cookies is a user side tracker that is saved  on your browser without your notice. You can easily block all those cookies by disabling the cookie settings in your browser. 

But this is not the case with the giant Google. You can not sign in to your GMail account unless you activate cookie setting in your browser and you have no other option.
So if you are using Google services, you have to enable cookies, but no problem. You can easily read the information saved by various sites -not only Google- on your browser, the date stamp of its expiry,  and every other information saved in the cookie very easily that that also in a readable manner.

View all Cookies

CookieSpy is a small [500 kb] utility that help you to view all the cookies saved on your all browsers at one place. It searches the chache memory of all browsers and display the information of all the browsers in tabbed manner. You can view the domain, expiry date and the value saved in the cookies and just by context menu you can delete any suspicious cookie you don't want to get tracked.

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