16 February, 2012

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Colorful QR Code Creator With Micro & Standard Support

There are many online free services to create QR Code (Read this to create QR code online) for any data you provide, like web address, mobile number or anything else but these services can only give a standard format of QR code and you cant customize its colors and background. Also you cant create micro QR code. You cant rotate it and you cant see the code in real-time. 

QR Code Creator
Real-time, here I mean is the QR code created using "Free QR Code Creator" software will create QR Code as you type. You can create QR code from any data whether its a web URL, mobile number, or a plain text document. Its so simple, lite and free also. Take a look at it.
  • You can select foreground and background colors for QR code.
  • Easily rotate the created code.
  • QR code generation as you type the data.
  • Support for standard and Micro QR code formats.
  • Can set the borders also with custom width.
  • Download Free QR Code Creator

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