11 February, 2012

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Backup, Sync Any Mobile's Phonebook, Notes, Calender, Messages In Cloud

Not everyone have Android, iPhone or WP7 based mobile. Still today major population uses basic Symbian or Java based mobiles. Mobiles are a necessary gadget for everyone and we are using it as a personal digital assistant. From basic mobile number directory, phonebook, notes, birthday and anniversary to meetings, photos, reminders and everything we need, is stored on our mobile memory.

We just forget to understand that all that data can be lost with just one wrong thing happen to your mobile. Its again a geeky thing to take backup of all that data to your computer. Also we all love to change phones but don't know how to transfer all data stored in old phone. All the excitement of getting a new phone is wasted in transferring the contacts and other data from the old phone.

So the idea of saving or making the backup of all that data like phonebook, notes, calender and other to Cloud is better option. Better thing is it works on almost every phone that support GPRS (read Free Browsing on Reliance GSM GPRS using Opera mini) or can connect to Internet and have SyncML option to synch with the data server.

The important thing is every basic mobile supports SyncML irrespective of platform and is a industry standard for synching data. This is also a good option for Android and iPhone or Windows Phone users as this is a great alternative for Google Contacts on Android.


It is a great free service for all types of mobile phones that uses SyncML to synchronize your data to cloud server. Everdroid allows you to:
  • Backup your Address book or phonebook / Contacts, Calender, Notes, Messages, Bookmarks and more.
  • Real-time synch and update to cloud server
  • Synch your contacts with Google and  Facebook contacts
  • You can share the phone’s calendar with your friends.
To start synchronizing,  
  • Sign up for free account with Everdroid and setup your phone. Settings are easy and straight forward.
  •  After opening account with Everdroid, you can select from the list of phones already given in SETTINGS and HELP >> MY Devices >> New Phone.
Synch Mobile Address book on Cloud
  • Choose your brand and then the phone model.
  • Click on select and you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Select your country code from the drop-down list and then click on send settings.
Select Phone
  • Within next few minutes you must receive the Everdroid SyncML settings. You have to accept the setting and install it by entering the PIN given for it.
  • You can also enter the settings manually to your phone very easily. 
  • Once you have installed settings, just select what data like phone-book, calender, Messages, bookmarks and note you want to synch with the cloud server.
Then select Synch and you are done. All your data is saved to cloud server. Now you can easily access that data from anywhere. You can also download the phonbook to CSV or VCF format to your computer. 

You can also synch the address book with your Google or Facebook account every easily. Just give your Google and Facebook account credentials and it will automatically do the next work. You can also selectively allow which friends should be synched and which should not from your Facebook friends list.


Now you don't have to worry about your data and you can easily synch your data across any mobile phone.

Google SyncML 

You are now really need to open account with Everdroid. isn't it? Its really a great service. But what if you get all that functions for your basic phone from Google? Yes the same thing is also available from Google and you just have to do the same thing with your phone as given above.
Once you are done with setting up your phone you are ready to backup your data with your Gmail account and other Google services. This service is available for all type of smartphone platform and for basic phones also with SyncML.


This is also a similar and easy to use service that only targeted at phonebook. It supports all the popular platforms and synch phonebook across any mobile. You can edit the phone numbers via web interface and then just synch it and your phonebook will be updated across all mobiles. Its just like edit at one place and update everywhere. 

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