12 January, 2012

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Turn Off Google Search Plus Your World Results

Google Search gifted "Google Search Plus Your World" as a new year greeting but most peoples are not happy with this too much plus+ gift. On 10 Jan Google announced its search result will include the personalized search plus your world results in the search page by default if you are logged in to your Google account.

Google Search Plus Your World
Google is really trying hard to push its Google Plus social service. But personally i got wondered with the results on the search page i was searching for. Its really doesn't make sense about why Google put the not relating results no search result page from my Google plus friends which is not at all related to my search target. You will notice that everything is displayed there is from Google plus circle and liked posts.
                What Google claim is the new social Plus results will help to improve the personalized and more realistic targeted results. But at the moment they are more irritating.
So I personally didn't liked the new year gift and you can also turn off the Google social plus search results. Its pretty simple.

Google Search Settings
Turn Off Google Search Plus Your World
Just got to the search settings option while you are logged in to your account. The search setting preference page will be displayed.
Select "Do Not Use Personal Results" option. Save the settings and you are done.
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