24 January, 2012

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Remove Unwanted Results from Google with Focus On The User

On the eve of new year Google gifted the internet users with "Google Search Plus Your World" update that integrates results from your Google Plus friends account, their LIKE and more than what you actually want to see which is not at all expected in the search results.
I sometime feels Google is taking disadvantage of its monopoly. It is integrating and pushing its services to users even though we don't want. Google Plus is a perfect example of it.

We have already discussed here how to turn off Google Search Plus Your World from SERP. But now the internet well wisher are here to help you. 
Focus on the User is a great tool that will help you to remove such Google Pushed services which are nothing more that a advertisement in face of a search result. 

Focus on the User is available as a bookmarklet as well as a extension fro Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Its really a must use Bookmarklet.

Focus On The User
  • If you are a Firefox or Opera user you can drag Bookmarklet from Focus on the User homepage and click on Try more relevant Google button and then drag Don't be Evil button / bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and you are don.
  • If you use Google Chrome you can instal Focus on the User extension from extension page. 
You can easily find the difference between the search result. The result are more relevant with Focus on the user extension or bookmarklet. 
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