18 January, 2012

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Embed Tweet In Your Blog Post or Website

Do you own a website or a blog? Or Do you use Twitter? Now this is a stupid quesion. Everyone here is on Twitter. If you have a blog or website you must have provided you twitter handle there so that your readers will easily follow your blog on Twitter. This is the common thing everyone do for social integration of twitter with your blog or website. But here is a new way.
Now you can embed any Tweet of your own or from your timeline. Its as simple as writing a document. I have given here a simple three step guide for How to embed a tweet in your blog post.
This options is available Only for the latest interface of Twitter. Not for old one.

Embed Tweet in Blog Details
Embed Tweet in Blog
copy html code to embed tweet in blog
  1. Log in to your Tweeter account and click on any Tweet you want to Embed. The Tweet will show you extra options by expanding itself. Click on the Details option in that Tweet.
  2.  After clicking on details you will be taken to the single Tweet status. There you will find the option called "Embed This Tweet". Click on it and you will get the code to embed that in your blog or website.
  3. Copy and paste the HTML code in your blog post by going to EDIT HTML mode. That's all. Now your Tweet is embedded.
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