07 January, 2012

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Block Ads in Android

So you have got a brand new android. Installed a handful of Free apps? The best part of Android, unlike iOS and BlackBerry, is most of the best apps in the Android Market are free. These applications are ad-based and generate revenue from the advertisements displayed while you use them and that is the most important source of income to the developer and way to keep the application remain free for use to you.
But sometimes some applications display ads very irritating way and make you block ads on Android. With the help of this, you can block android ads very easily. There are many free and easy to use android ad-blocker applications available.

:: Please note the first three applications work only on the Rooted phone. The third one is for all.
To know more about WHY and HOW you Root your phone and Everything Please Visit HERE.::

1. AdFree Android: [For Rooted Phone Only]
This application removes all the advertisements in all applications and in your browser by blocking the request to known ad-servers from the database. This is the easiest and common method used by most of ad blocking services.

Download and Install from Market

2. AdAway: [For Rooted Phone Only]
This is an Open-Source alternative to above. To start using this application you just have to download the host file and make your android ad-free.
Download and Install from Market Visit Developer Homepage

3. NetSpector Sniffer: This one is also a good one but does not work on some mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S2. But you should give it a try.
Install from Market

4. If you are using Firefox Mobile (Fennec), you know the best way is to use AdBlock Plus extension. You can see this article to know the Must-Have extensions for Firefox.
Download and Install
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