19 December, 2011

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High-Memory Usage in Firefox? Auto Restart It.

When it comes to Browsers, FIREFOX is the way to go. Now a days Google Chrome is banking on the better memory management that Firefox. But I have really find the Chrome worst in memory management. 
I never find any issue with 10 tabs open in Firefox. Still then when i come across this brilliant EXTENSION which can restart your Firefox when it starts using the More memory than you have specified a limit for it.This is the best thing to get better performance throughout the use.
High Memory Usage in Firefox

The next good thing is a solution that mitigates the issue. Some Firefox users close and re-open the browser regularly to flush and reset the web browser’s memory use. Others install add-ons that optimize memory usage of Firefox or perform other operations that reduce the browser’s use of memory.
Memory Restart is one of those add-ons. It display the total memory in use by Firefox. The add-on highlights below peak memory usage in red.
A left-click on the icon displays a restart prompt. A click on yes restarts the browser, no closes the prompt without actions being taken.

This is a great add on! Download it from HERE.
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