31 December, 2011

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AntiVirus for Android: Best Free Lite Alternative

Avast Free version is my favorite Antivirus software on my WINDOWS PC. You may be using other but i recommend you to give it a chance and look how silently and easily it accomplish its tasks. The characteristic of Avast is its lite on system resources, simple to use and work in background silently. And its Free. Same Avast is now also available for ANDROID Smartphone or Tablet as "Avast! Mobile Security". It protect personal data with automatic virus scans and infected-URL alerts. Stop hackers by adding a firewall . Control anti-theft features with remote SMS commands. Its a MUST-HAVE type of APP for your device.

Antivirus:  Performs on-demand scans of all installed apps and memory card content, as well as on-access scans of apps upon first execution. Options for scheduling scans, virus definition updates, uninstalling apps, deleting files, or reporting a false-positive to our virus lab.

SMS/Call Filtering: Filter calls and/or messages from contact list. Blocked calls redirect to voicemail, while blocked messages are stored via filter log. It can also block outgoing calls.

App Manager: Similar to Windows Task Manager, it shows a list of running apps and their size (MB), CPU load, used memory, and number of threads and services – with an option to stop or uninstall.

Firewall: Add a firewall to stop hackers. Disable an app’s Internet access when on WiFi and 3G and roaming mobile networks. Other features include Web Shield and Privacy Report.

avast! Anti-Theft

Stealth Mode : Once anti-theft is enabled, the app icon is hidden in the app tray, leaving no audio or other trace on the target phone making the application invisible.

Self-Protection: Extremely difficult for thieves to remove , Anti-Theft protects itself from uninstall by disguising its components with various self-preservation techniques.

SIM-Card-Change Notification: This function is like a Mobile-Tracker of Non Smartphones. When someone changes the SIM card, it notifies with SMS to predefined number. The additional option is you can set the Trusted SIM Cards List to avoid false notification triggers.

Remote Features: SMS commands provide  REMOTE  options like Siren, Lock, custom Display properties, Locate, Memory Wipe, covert Calling, Forwarding, “Lost” Notification, SMS Sending, History, Restart, and more for your ‘lost’ or stolen phone.

Battery Save: Anti-Theft only launches itself and runs when it needs to perform tasks saving your battery.

Install From MARKET  or Visit Avast HOMEPAGE

Update:: Avast! Mobile Security Free has reached 1 Million Download within 16 days of release.

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