20 November, 2011

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Create Custom Windows Run Shortcuts

If you use keyboard shortcuts a lot then you would be pleased to use this application:AddToRun. It is a small standalone utility that will allow you to open any file or application from the Start Menu’s Run Command dialog box (WIN+R). It has a very simple interface which will allow you to select a file and assign it an alias or friendly name.
The list of available shortcuts available from Run Menu are mainly for programs that are Windows accessories and system files. AddToRun lets you create your own run-box shortcuts.
To create a shortuct of your own, following these steps:
  • Select the program for which you will create the shortcut by browsing to the program executable file.
  • Type the alias you wish to use and click Add.
Your shortcut will be available right away. Hit the WinKey+R and type the alias to check it out.
AddToRun’s advantage over program launchers is that the created aliases work without the need to have the launcher program running.
Download: AddToRun
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