21 December, 2011

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Use Gmail Account as Local and Cloud Storage

Gmail offers its users over 8 GB of storage space but most of users do not use this capacity as emails cant occupy that much size. GMail Drive is a Shell Extension for WINDOWS that creates a virtual file system from Google Mail account.
In addition to just being an email client, it allows you to use your Gmail account as a CLOUD storage medium. Once installed, it creates a virtual drive in My Computer and enables you to create, copy and delete files and folders just you do with your local hard disk. When you upload a file to your Gmail account, the application will automatically generate an email with the file as an attachment. You can use GMail Drive to access and modify all the files uploaded from the application.
GMail Drive
You have to log-in before you start using it. Once logged in, copying files and folders just like you do on your local hard disk. To avoid cluttering up your email, you can create a filter in your Gmail account to automatically move files with “GMAILFS” in their subject, to your archived mail folder.

Download GMail Drive
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