14 October, 2011

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Manage All Cloud Services At One Place With Folder Like Interface

Cloud storage services like Google Docs, Dropbox, Windows SkyDrive, Amazon S3, etc have made it easy for you keep your important files and documents at cloud storage for free. The competition has zoomed up the free size limit from mere space GB to 25GB, but to get more and more storage space with free account you have to either open multiple accounts with any service or separate accounts at multiple cloud storage providers.
So managing multiple accounts is not that easy and also you have to sign out multiple times. Its also difficult to transfer your files across the accounts. You have to download it first and then upload it back if you want to transfer any file with is a repetitive and time consuming task.

If you are using Dropbox you can download any file directly to your Dropbox account without downloading it to your computer. 

When you have files spread across multiple cloud services, managing them can be challenge. You may have stored one group of files on Dropbox, the other on Google Docs while some of the older files could be hosted on your old Google Docs account that you abandoned long ago.
So OTIXO come to your help. You can manage all your cloud storage services accounts at one place without having to download them to the computer first .
The great thing is that, its interface is so easy that it looks like simple windows explorer.

Manage multiple cloud storage account at one place
Otixo is an impressive web-app that lets you access files stored across different cloud service from a central location.

Just sign up for free account and get started. You have to associate your Dropbox, Google Docs, Picaasa, Amazon S3, Windows SkyDrive and other online accounts with Otixo and then you can easily move or copy files between any of your accounts via simple drag-n-drop.

  • To add new cloud service account, click on + sign at left bottom, click on 'Add cloud service' and then select any service provider you want from the options presented to you.
  • You will be directed to the service providers webpage. Enter the ID and password and your account is added to Otixo.
  • Add as many as services you want to manage.
  • You are ready to transfer, download and manage all your cloud storage drives at one place.
Otixo also offers unified search to help to find all your files that are spread across multiple cloud services. You can delete files, create new folders, or upload files from the desktop to any of the associated cloud services. You can create new folder to classify and store your files in different folder according to your topic.
The fever of Social networking is also at Otixo. You can easily share any file from within the Otixo cloud manager account. Just select the file you want and click on share.

The interface is so simple, you will just love it.

[Update: Otixo is offering unlimited bandwidth with Windows SkyDrive for Free]
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