13 April, 2011

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Typing in Hindi / Marathi without learning typing

Most of us can type in English with good speed but when it comes to type in Devnagari languages like HINDI or MARATHI, either you have to learn from the beginning or use some fonts. Learning the typing is not that easy and using font can save you temporary. You should have a permanent solution that you can use on all software like office suit and on other software also.

SO here is simple solution with which you can type without learning any typing course and also without using any font. You can make use of your current English typing skills.  
I find this when i come across the problem of typing in Devnagri for my office work. But i never know about the Devnagri typewriter keys. I only knew about English key board. I was so bored when i come to know that, now i have to learn typing in Devnagri from scrap.  

1. Sarasvati Phonetic Keyboard layout. 
          This is so simple and efficient that anyone without any knowledge of typing can get the speed. It is as easy as you type in English. Once you install Sarasvati Keyboard and do the settings, you can type in your language very easily. 
So here are simple steps:: 

Please confirm that you have installed support for INDIC languages in your Windows OS. If not please install it by going to Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Languages >>  Tick the check-box for "Install files for complex script and.. ".  
Install Complex Script Fonts
  • You will be asked to insert OS installation disk to install the essential files. Next steps will continue automatically. Once you are done then..
  •  After installation you should see a Language bar on your Taskbar with letters "SA". If you cant see language bar, activate it by right-click on taskbar >> Toolbars >> select Language bar.
Language Bar
  • If the selected language is "EN" change it to "SA". If you cant see any other language that EN...
  • Go to Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options >> Languages Tab >> Details Button >> you will get a popup window. 
  • Here in Settings Tab click on "ADD" button.( Please understand, you have to install separate keyboards for different languages. The Capital letters in Dark blue rectangles shows languages and bellow that installed keyboards for that particular language)
  • We have to add keyboard for Sanskrit language. If there is only one keyboard installed ** Sarasvati** you should add one more "US" in Language Sanskrit. 
  • To do this click on 'ADD' button, in a popup window select Language as Sanskrit and keyboard as 'United States-Dvorak'
Hindi Marathi Keyboard
  • Now you should see THREE languages in language bar at taskbar, select 'SA' and start typing in Hindi or Marathi.
  • By default the font used for typing will be 'Mangal' but for great looking font you can download more fonts here.
Above settings described targeting for Windows XP users but  
if you are using Windows 7 please see these screenshot to make settings. 
Select Language on language bar
select keyboard
adding input language
final settings should look like this
 2. Devnagari Keyboard Layout by Mr. Gadre:
This is also one more great layout with some different settings. You may like this one or first one. both are best.
         The home page is here: 
         You can also download from here:
         The help file is here:

If you have any problem or questions comments are always welcome.
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