26 August, 2015

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Is Yahoo DIY Direct Competition To Pinterest?

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Have you seen the latest Yahoo DIY, a direct competition for Pinterest? Yahoo has presented the 'Do It Yourself" as a personal magazine where you can watch and learn basic tasks about various subjects like budget, decor improvements, crafting, kids project etc.

Its just 2 days old. The design and feel is little like Pinterest. You may not call it another social network but the way it presented is like Pinterest.
As of now, you can not create any of the DIY task (Pin?) or make any personal magazine. All the tasks are readymade and from Yahoo itself.

Yahoo DIY direct competition to pinterest
  • When you hover over any task, the title get expanded and you can share those tasks to other social networks like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or send it as Email.
  • You get the details about the task when you expand it by clicking. 
  • The emphasis of Yahoo DIY is keeping things simple. 
  • Description is well categorised and here also Pictures are the most important thing to showcase your idea. 
yahoo do it yourself

I didn't find any way to add my idea but there are many tasks directly imported from other websites. You may see peoples jumping to publish their own web pages on Yahoo DIY network.
 If you want to see how exactly the tasks are presented, embedded from other website or how DIY can create traffic for your website, you can see the task 7 Tips for Tastier, Prettier Cakes.
The recipe has better images, the original website and the recommended posts from same domain. You can comment if you have Yahoo account.

Whenever I see the waterfall design with rich images and categories like Food, Pinterest is first word that come in mind.
Take a look at Yahoo DIY now.
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