14 January, 2014

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Government Services On Your Mobile With M-Governance AppStore

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Government offices are not the place you want to visit. If you are Indian, most of the time its a very bad experience. It's very rare that, you get your work done at the first visit. You can't avoid it and you can't enjoy it. But now, your mobile might help you to get your work done fast and save the number of visits.

M-Governance or Mobile Governance is a part of the efforts of the Government of India and other state governments on the road of complete E-Government. Applications are developed by government firm C-DAC and Department of Electronics and Information Technology.
Government Services-On-Your-Mobile-With-M-Governance-AppStore

M-Governance is a website or a mobile application market for various applications for availing government services on your mobile. The applications are available for most of the government offices and services.
Applications are available for Android and Java J2ME platforms.

For example, the 'Right To Information Directory' application provide details about the 'Public Information Office (PIO) of any particular office, state, region and more. The application called 'Aadhaar enrollment status' provide you information about your Aadhaar card delivery if you have the enrollment number.
Similarly, there are applications for getting alerts about the vaccination schedule of health department. You only have to enter the date of birth of your child and PIN code of your region.
There are applications to generate duplicate birth certificate, India Post status tracking to track status of your Speed post.

  • The applications are divided into two major categories. One is for central government departments and second is for state government applications. 
  • You can search or browse applications as per state and department. 
  • The website is easy to navigate (on computer screen) and anyone can download the applications for any particular platform. 
  • You can register yourself to get notifications about update of any particular application.

I tried about 12 popular applications for my Android mobile. Out of 12 only 2 worked fine. Others had many bugs and not at all polished. The interface was very basic and some were not able to detect my internet connection and shown the connection error.

The SMS Translation application was a joke. In the age of Google Translation on Android mobile, the application was to translate any particular word. You have to enter the English word in to application and then it will send SMS from your mobile using your mobile, connect with, which will cost you and then you will get SMS about the meaning of that particular word. So you have to spend Re. 1 to get meaning of one word. You have to repeat this every time you want the meaning.

Most of the applications are of the same standard and they need very high update about everything, from UI to stability. Also the applications are not available in official Google Play store for easy access. You have to use the website and download the applications.

Too Many Problems: The applications are made for mobiles, but the website is not at all optimized for mobiles. To view the download button you have to adjust the screen zoom in and out. For the non geek peoples, its again the experience of a government office to download the application.
We can only hope that one day the applications will be better, the website will be optimized for mobile screens and navigation and also the applications will be available in Google Play store.

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