18 October, 2013

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Transfer Files Between Android And PC With Droid Over WiFi

If you are using AirDroid as a way to transfer files between your Android mobile and computer, "Droid Over WiFi" will really entice you with its super simple interface. No funky graphics and procedures, it just works. And I am sure, once you try it, you will switch to "Droid Over WiFi" permanently. It does not provide any extra feature than just transferring files across WiFi enabled devices.

  • You can access phone memory as well as an external SD card on your computer. 
  • Easily upload and download files between devices. The application is light on system resources and works fast without any problem.
  • Once you install and run the application, there is only On and Off button. When you touch the 'On' button, it gives you the IP address and port number. Enter the address in your computer browser and you are ready to browse the mobile's file system. 
  • You can create new folder, delete an existing folder or file, move files and more such operations from the computer. 
  • If you want to download multiple files, select them and click download. You will get all the files in zipped folder.
  • The best feature of the application is that, you can view the images and other media before you download it to the computer with the "media view" option. This option is unique feature and really very helpful for every user.

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