17 October, 2013

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Safely Root Micromax A89 To Delete Unwanted Applications And Increase Internal Memory

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If your Android mobile is running out of internal memory (Application memory) and limiting the number of applications you can install, there is a way to root your device. Though rooting voids your warranty and make security risks, it opens the way to many features of Android.

Do it at your risk. I have tried and tested this successfully with Micromax A89 Ninja but can be also applied and used with all the devices listed here and most of the Micromax, Karban and Spice devices using the MTK chipset.

You can delete unwanted applications that are preinstalled on the device to free up valuable internal application memory, move 'internal memory only' applications like Google Maps, Facebook, Chrome, Google Plus and anything like that to external memory without any problem in application performance and features, disable camera shutter sound, disable internet connection of any particular application, backup system applications, change fonts and many other such things.

Warning: Please instal a good Antivirus application on your device before you root because after rooting, you are opening your door of privacy to all applications if not used correctly. Note that every application that try to access root privileges on your device, you have to accept the request, so even after rooting, you have complete control. The only thing is that, do not press OK without reading which application is trying to access root permissions. If the application is not that you are intended, deny it.

If you have made your mind, just start to root. You need 2 applications.

This is the main rooting application. You can download it from the XDA forum page or an application I have tried is here. Please download the 1.6.1 version or latest if available.

  • You just install the application and open it. Now see the screenshot. You have to select 'Install SuperSU' option and touch the 'Boromir' option. If you get the reply like 'Success :-) ...Superuser and SU binary installed. You have to reboot your device', you are done and restart your device. You have successfully rooted in your device.
  • If you get error or 'Failed' reply, you can uninstall the application reboot device and try another trick. Your device is fine and nothing to worry.
  • When you install Framaroot application, one more application "SuperSu" is installed alongside. This is a controller that shows you the list of applications that are accessing root privileges. You can add or remove any application from that list and control the rooting.
If you are lucky to get root, keep reading.

Delete or Move System Applications
Install Link2SD application from Google Play Store. This application will help you to delete unwanted applications that are occupying your internal application memory and also to move the application that are not moved to phone memory by default. Such applications are most of the time Google pack applications like GMail, Google Chrome, Maps, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and such.

  • If you have installed Link2SD, open it. It will show you all the applications installed on your mobile including the system applications, device drivers, sensor drivers and other such system applications. 
  • Double check before you uninstall anything that you are removing the right thing
  • You can safely remove Micromax applications like the M Store, hookup, mlive
  • To free up more space, move applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Chrome, Twitter and other such applications to Phone Memory. 
  • I suggest you not to move Antivirus, GMail, Google Keyboard applications because you need it very frequently. If you find any performance lag, you can get them back to original partition.
ES File Explorer
You can browse root files and folders with the ES File Explorer application. Download ES File explorer here. It is one of the must have application for every android device and a best file explorer.


Other than accessing root files, you can use ES file explorer to see hidden files, backup and delete system application (just like Link2SD), hide applications, as a download manager with resume capacity for unfinished downloads, memory analyzer and more.

Changing Fonts
You can install custom fonts to Android device. MyFonts application will help you to download good looking fonts from a large collection of fonts and apply them instantly.

Disable Camera Shutter Sound
You can easily disable or mute camera shutter sound while taking pictures and recording videos. Please read the post Mute Camera Sound On Android Mobile  for more info.
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