13 January, 2013

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Create Windows 8 Start Menu Without Any Software

Windows 8 Start menu button is replaced by the Start Screen but some users do not like the new tile based Metro interface and wants the traditional Start menu back to the legacy desktop screen.
There are many applications that bring back the start menu button to your Windows 8 desktop screen but each application have their limitations.

Most of them are buggy and crash often. But if you do not need the eye candy and happy with the real useful start menu, you can easily create your own start menu without installing any third party software. The start menu is simple to use and easy to create. Windows 8 have it built in.

Though it does not offer the full featured start menu functionality, it is the minimalist and make your work done. The idea here is that, you have to use the classic 'New Toolbar' feature available under taskbar to restore/ bring back the classic start menu of your own version.
Here are a few easy steps
  • Right click on your desktop taskbar and select 'Toolbars' >> 'New Toolbar..' option.
  • You have to copy all your shortcuts from their installation folder and copy them into a new folder. You can give any name to the folder where you copy the shortcuts. I give name 'Start'. 
  • Now copy all the shortcuts to that folder.
  • For example, if you want Windows utilities like notepad, calculator, paint, system restore, control panel, softwares like MS office Word, excel, VLC media player and many other whatever you want in your start button menu, you have to copy all those shortcut to a new folder and save that folder anywhere you want.
  • The system utilities shortcuts are available under C: >> Windows and C: >> Windows >> System 32 folder. 
  • The software shortcuts are available under C: >> Program Files and their respective installation folder.
  • You can copy any number of shortcuts to the folder. 
  • You can create subdirectories using the folder structure under this new start menu folder.
  • You can also copy the shortcut already available on your desktop in this folder.
  • Now go to the first step and select the newly created start menu folder as the source of your 'Start Menu Button'. Note that you have to select the folder not the individual shortcuts or do not go INTO the folder, just select the folder
  • If you do not want all this trick, you can just add this command in the 'Folder' address.
    %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  • And the result is here.start-menu-windows-8
Do you like the simple trick. Do you have any other simpler way, please share. 

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