05 January, 2013

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ToDo Is Windows 8 Planner Application : Simple Yet Powerful

 Todo is a free task manager and planner application for Windows 8. It is super simple to use and still have every feature any task planner should have. It is completely free and have a great touch optimized interface that you will love to use.

  • You can add your tasks under different categories like Home tasks, Office tasks.
  • A new category can be added to task list as you want. To create a new task list, just right click on ToDo title at left and 'Add List' button will appear at the bottom. Select and add new task category.
  • You can set reminder for every task as you want. The reminder time can be changed from a few days before or on the same day or any specific time and hours.
  • The task can be displayed on the live tiles if you want.
  • When the reminder is displayed, you can forward it, snooze the time by a few minutes to 1 day.
  • The todo list can be sorted according to date, title or custom arrangement.
  • You can easily access task to be done today, tomorrow and upcoming weeks as well as completed with one click.
  • The completed tasks can be deleted at one click.
  • Download ToDo from here. Open the link in Internet Explorer and click on install.
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