29 September, 2012

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Field Trip For Android Gives You Super Personalized Updates About Local Things Where You Go

New Google app 'Field Trip' for Android is a new way of super personalized updates about the local information, where ever you go. Google has completely mastered the psychology of peoples. It has used and integrated all  your previous searches, likes, shares, history, calenders and everything else that you do over the internet to to give you more personalized and localized updates about your interest. At the first point of use of 'Field Trip' you feel that this app know everything about you or it just amazing. 
Field Trip is an automated assistant to you about the things around you. It keeps track you location and continuously update you about the things like landmarks, restaurants, historic value of the places, your interesting things nearby according to your previous search history

It will also suggest the best deal and offers nearby as per your interests and most of the times you will say, wow, I didn't know that. It explores the hidden specialties of the places you travel and enrich your commute with more fun.  It's like a local guide who know your personal likes and dislikes.

If you are connecting the device with a headset, it can also read the things so that you don't need to click anything.

If you don't want to spend any money and just want to get notified about the things, you can turn off the offers and deal option. 'Field Trip' smoothly blends the predictive search and local information to give you a reality experience. 

 Field Trip is free to download and use and designed especially for phones not for tablets.

Download Field Trip For Android
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