28 April, 2012

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Facebook Security Launches Antivirus Marketplace

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Facebook and Security are two things which always discussed together but against each other. But we should learn from Facebook about how to cash on the controversial issues.
Facebook security
Facebook security
Every Facebook user is cautious about the personal information security and most of the users also aware about the past security issues arise with the Facebook privacy and security. But now the Facebook has launched a special page for "Facebook Antivirus" under Facebook security options. 

facebook antivirus download
Facebook antivirus download
Facebook has opened at its first of its kind marketplace of Antivirus and Internet Security softwares. You can download most of the famous antivirus softwares from this page. 
Currently it includes 5 options out of which 2 are for iOS platform and 3 for Windows.

1. McAfee Internet Security
2. Microsoft Security Essentials
3. Norton™ AntiVirus
4. Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition
5. Trend Micro internet security for PCs and Macs

Facebook Antivirus Marketplace
Facebook Antivirus Marketplace
 McAfee has a 6 month free plan where as all other 4 antivirus including Mac versions are free. You can download any of it directly from the Facebook security page itself. Read a simple guide to maintain you online security and privacy with Free software.

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