22 February, 2012

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Check Your Live Speed, Elevation & Distance On Android

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Android devices come with GPS facility but most of the users doesn't use it for more than just checking location and finding directions. If you travel a lot or interested in outdoor activity and if not then even if you just walk or run.
"MyTracks" is a free Android application every Android owner must have in his device.
MyTracks is a straight forward app that uses GPS of Android mobile devices and give you a live statistics about your speed if you are running or traveling in a bus or train. It also tell you the distance between your current place and the targeted place you ask and your live progress to that location. MyTracks can help you to get you elevation from sea level if you are tracking.
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MyTracks all data
The best thing is that all this information is available live and you can save it to use later. While you're out, you can use it as a place finder. Just mark relevant waypoints, and can ask to hear automatic voice announcements about your progress. 

The data collected by MyTracks can be shared across all popular social networking sites and can be downloaded in csv format for other use.

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