11 January, 2012

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Compare All Android Tables Before You Buy

Android is the world fastest growing smartphone OS. This is the year of Tablet computers. So most probably you will buy a Android tablet this year if not already.
There are many websites available for comparison of various mobiles and tablets of various OS.
But i come across a great comparison web application that is specialized in Android and that also a specially for tablet.

Compare Android Tablets

At AndroidAuthority you can compare and filter tablets on the basis of your favorite manufacturer, multimedia features like , , , , , , and more. Also on the basis of connectivity options available with it like 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, IR, NFC, Wi-Fi. There are also options for screen features and screen size.
          Points are given for price, processor speed, battery life, internal storage and weight. 
So its a great interactive service you must check before you buy a new Android tablet.
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