02 January, 2012

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App Store For Windows OS

Windows App Store?? Isn't it a questionable remark? Everyone is aware about App Store for Android and iOS. But App Store for Windows is somewhat new. Its not a Microsoft App Store, its another way. Microsoft is already in the race of App Store with its Windows Phone 7 and is also be releasing its version for desktops for sure. So why not to try it on your Windows computer.

AllMyApps and NPackd are the feature rich AppStore for your WINDOWS OS based computers. You have to just select the applications / SOFTWARES you want and click install only once, all these apps will be installed automatically. You can read THIS post for installing multiple software's at once online automatically.

            What the difference in FREENEW, NINIT and AllMyApps, NPackd is first two are web based and download the installer packing multiple application in one whereas AllMyApps, NPackd are AppStore clients,same as the currently famous app stores which you have to install in your computer and select which softwares you want to install.

App Store Windows

Easy Setup: Just download the client and install. you are done. Select your favorite applications to install and it will install them very easily. 

15000+ PC and web apps: It claim to have each and every software you have every listened and used. It has categories like web, communication,security, utilities, office, video, ,audio, imaging, games, development, Entertainment, Browsers and many others. 

Automatic updates: You don't have to manually update your software. All your software's are up-to date every-time. 

Easy Re-installation: Yes if you deleted any software by accident or for some reason, you can reinstall it with just single click either from the locally stored backup or from web.  

Download Allmyapps or Visit Homepage


Its a OpenSource alternative to the commercial 'Allmyapps'. This one is more inspired by Linux and install the software in a package manager like style making the size of individual software to download very small. It avoids the duplicate download of any dependencies. Its a great feature and save your bandwidth much and also save your disk space and keep your PC running fast.

NPacked Windows Apps

What the specialty is you can install multiple versions of same software side by side. Its really great and future proof with many special features. Its noticeable that this open source project is maintained by a single person.
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